Are You Fabulous Over Fifty or even Sixty and Beyond?

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Are You Fabulous Over Fifty or even Sixty and Beyond?

Middle Age and what used to be considered Old Age has changed – We are now often fabulous well into our eighties.

When I was young, I swear the women who were over 50 were ancient. Not just that they were old in years, but they seemed to have settled into a small, little life made up of keeping house and taking care of their grandchildren, ready to sit out on the porch and rock. Was it just because the young seem to view the older generation as old? I don’t think so; I think the older generation viewed themselves as old in those days.

We are the new role models

There weren’t a lot of role models back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s of women who were over 50 and fabulous. It seemed that any actress over 50 was relegated to grandmother, spinster, or crone. There didn’t seem to be a concept that it was possible to be dynamic, lively, and gasp, even sexy after 50, 60, or 70…many people even believed life ended at 40. Can you imagine how crazy that is?!

I was at a women’s luncheon a few years when a 20 something introduced her business and said that they catered to the elderly population…you know, women over 50! I looked around my table at the dynamic, beautiful women I was sitting with, ranging in ages from 55 to 76, and we all just laughed. I heard the oldest whisper. “Dang, when did I become elderly? I must have missed that memo.”

It’s all about attitude

What has changed? Our attitudes. We have determined that we aren’t ready to retire and sit home in our rocking chairs. Instead, we are starting new careers, writing novels, traveling, texting, blogging, Facebooking, even Pinning. We aren’t trying to look like we are 30. We are comfortable with who we are and strive to look like women who have a good life, enjoying ourselves and being active, with loads to do and look forward to. I sometimes meet a woman who is 50, 55, even younger at times who seems old and elderly. When they start to talk, I instantly see that they think old.

Stepping into your life purpose in a new way

Many FOF, Fabulous Over Fifty women have a new lease on life and are stepping into their life purpose in a whole new way. We’re finally at a point where we are comfortable with who we are, aren’t as concerned about what others think, and know we have a lot to offer. We owe it to ourselves and the world to be fabulous and, of course, bodacious.

Gemstone Alchemy is all about supporting women energetically to be their most empowered, fabulous selves. I’ve felt the shift when a woman puts on a necklace that truly opens her energy up so she feels that sense of self and all she can be clear down to her toes…her eyes light up, her spine straightens, and I know she is going to do amazing things and inspire others.

Step into the fullness of who you are with Lapis Lazuli


One of my favorite stones for stepping into your wisdom and power is Lapis Lazuli. Lapis Lazuli is a stone of self-knowledge, truth, and reflection. When you put on Lapis, your spine straightens, your eyes get bright, and I can feel your soul announcing that YOU ARE HERE. You stand regal in the glory of your true being.

Wear Lapis Lazuli to claim the sovereignty and power of your embodied highest self and align with your highest truth.


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Shown at top is Carolyn Grafton, a brilliant health and nutrition coach - wearing a combination of agate and Lapis Lazuli, one of several Lapis necklaces she has and wears so beautifully.

Just below is Sandy Hussy also wearing just one of her Lapis necklaces. They always bring out her strength and joy and match her beautiful blue eyes as well.


Sandy Hussy

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