Azurite Spiral Earrings
Gemstone Alchemy Original

Azurite Spiral Earrings

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Happily we’re past the age when we are “forbidden” to use certain stones. In ancient times Azurite was considered so powerful and magical that it was only used by Initiated Masters and Elders to connect with higher realms and spirit guides.

Azurite is the embodiment of the blue ray and activates the third-EYE helping you make a clear connection with the divine. It will help you increase your psychic and intuitive development and raise your consciousness. Azurite clears and expands your mind as it stimulates your memory.

Do you desire to “Read between the lines”? Azurite will help you understand what hasn’t been said. It will also help you face your fears and be clear and truthful to yourself and others.

You should also feel less stress, worry, grief, sadness and a transmutation of fear and phobias.

Length Approx 2.25”

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