Accelerated Courageous Change beaded chain
Gemstone Alchemy Original

Accelerated Courageous Change beaded chain

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I hope you fall in love with this combination as much as I have. I love with the smoothness, clarity and simply the way it feels, grounded, uplifting and inspiring with a sense of gentle anticipation. The colors are clear and there's a bit of variation throughout the stone that I like.


Riverstone accelerates rapid change and is best used with intent and in combination with other gemstones. Paired with Pink Agate for grounding, focus and to bring in love.

Riverstone, pink agate, sterling silver

Shown with Accelerated Cosmic Change

Length, on beaded chains I've found most people tend to wear fairly short, so beaded section is 16" and is adjustable to 22" with chain and spring clasp.

Longer lengths on request.

Shown with Accelerated Cosmic Change



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