Depth to Inner Vision Turquoise Copper Purple  Southwest Pendant 1 7/8”
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Depth to Inner Vision Turquoise Copper Purple Southwest Pendant 1 7/8”

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My experience of this stone is that it provides a depth to your inner vision, pulling from both your outer inspiration and your innate vision and creativity. This is a good stone to wear when you want to break through a block and find new solutions.

Expand fully into your deepest truth and wholeness as you share it effortlessly. A great stone to wear if you are a teacher, writer or communicator.

Turquoise is a stone of Unity, Wholeness and Truth. Articulate your deepest wisdom and share your understanding gained through all your life experiences. Understand the validity of everything and realize that mistakes simply another experience releasing t judgment and regret with compassion for yourself and others.

A master healing stone, turquoise is a spiritual stone that helps to ground your spirituality and bathes you in it's warm energy, promoting peace of mind. It enhances strength, wisdom, protection and positive thinking as well as spontaneity in romance.

I'm captivated by the combination of colors, purple, a hint of blue, and rich copper. The beauty of copper turquoise is hard to match, in a real sense it is a captivating stone. Copper Turquoise is considered a stone of life and beauty which brings good fortune.

Copper Turquoise is normal Turquoise that has been crumbled and reformed to add copper to it, in order to create the beautiful effect of the stone. Individuals who will wear it will get the benefit of both copper as well as turquoise. Copper turquoise filled with copper deposits forms wonderful patterns of brown and black matrix.

Copper turquoise is crafted through a process that uses a hydraulic press to assemble turquoise nuggets by introducing a bronze metal matrix throughout the brick of base turquoise. Once the turquoise is pressed or assembled it is stabilized to harden the stone. This is the only product in today's market that features real Arizona turquoise and real metal matrix. This unique process was created by the Arizona Kingman Mine
Turquoise Copper Purple  Southwest - 925 Sterling Silver Pendant 1 7/8”

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