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Heart Soul’s Vision – Diamonds

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Heart Soul’s Vision – Diamonds

You know it’s time to open to the fullness of who you are and share yourself with the world. Your soul has been nudging, urging calling, but that brings up fear on so many levels.

Wearing this combination of Lapis Lazuli and Azurite will help you step up and declare your truth and insights with clarity going beyond the barriers that have kept you boxed in.

Feel the magic that happens when your vision and heart are working in harmony. Lapis and Azurite is a powerful combination, opening your heart, awakening your vision and allowing the wearer to act and speak with truth and clarity from the vision of your soul.

The words come to you as if my magic as you share the vision of your soul – easily harmonizing understanding of this and prior lives. Go beyond the mundane and know clearly that which is yours to do and share with the world.

Lapis Lazuli, Azurite, Sterling Silver
Length 19.5” (if you’d like it shorter, just let me know)

Earrings 2”, Surgical steel wire

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