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Heart’s Sunlit Hope - Wear with or without removable pendant - necklace earring set

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Look into this chrysophrase, it’s as if it pulls you down into the depths of yourself, expanding your heart and allowing deep healing as you swim through the emotional waters of your life.

You will find that what was previously hidden becomes clear with insight into who you are and what is yours to do; remember your birthright of joy, health, love and abundance. As you allow the energy of the stone to work with you, your shadow self will be illuminated with love allowing your heart and soul to expand into the beauty which creation knows you to be.

These stones combine to bring love, joy and abundance to your heart and life.

You don’t see chrysophrase much, as it is fairly rare and often extremely pricey. Although is often chrysophrase is a brighter spring green color, but there’s something about the depth of color in these pendants that I find appealing.

Chrosphrase, peridot sterling silver

Necklace and pendant both be worn independently as well. It's like getting 3 necklaces in one.


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