Mental Enhancement Beaded Chain (pendant sold separately)
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Mental Enhancement Beaded Chain (pendant sold separately)

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Mental Enhancement Beaded Chain

The combined properties of Jasper and Hematite make this an excellent choice if you need to do a lot of mental gymnastics during the day. Enhancing memory, technical knowledge and inspiration - brings together all the process of your brain in a very focused, grounded way.

Promotes tranquility, inner-strength courage, helping to nurture your body and emotions and giving you the courage to speak out and achieve personal independence and to reach towards your desires.

Increase your vibration, improving physical and mental health as it grounds your energy. You’ll be more organized and efficient and reduces overwhelm so you can handles problems as they arise.

Materials: Jasper, Hematite, Sterling Silver

Beaded portion is 16", adjusts to 22" with lobster clasp and chain in sterling silver.

If you want it longer just ask. 

Wear alone, or with BioElectric Shield...Sold Separately 

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