Brecciated Mookaite Sterling Silver Pendant

Brecciated Mookaite Sterling Silver Pendant

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This is an excellent stone to help you balance the changes in your life, and fine the positive.

Brecciated Mookaite, a stone of vitality which gives the verve to its carrier to “give a best shot now” as well as help him to balance the internal torso along with the external surroundings in order to accept the changing turns of the life.

It is a stone that is believed to carry along the beauty of the earth and has the propensity to amplify the life force vigor. 

It helps its holder to hold on its positive energies which are believed to be extracted out by it from the earth. This positive oomph has a tendency to increase the willpower of its carrier as well as the focus on his goals.

Brecciated Mookaite is likewise known to endorse an ageless or the hearty spirit to accept the life changes willingly and move on in life to seek the beauty of new experiences. It is too believed to awaken the inner instinct that leads its carrier to the right direction of the life’s path.

It is a fostering stone that is believed to help its carrier at the times of stress by bringing peace along with the feeling of wholeness. It further engenders versatility in its holder to accept and acknowledge the life changing state of affairs. It is likewise deemed to ascertain the truth behind the changes so as to choose the right path for further life. It is too believed to block the unwanted vibes from the outside environment that can distract the carrier from the league. It is good to solve meditative purposes, as it invokes the intuitive along with the spiritual powers to connect to the divine. On a physical plane, it refines the immune system of the torso to stabilize the overall health of the holder. It is believed to associated with the lower chakras f the torso.


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