Center of the Universe Pendant 1 1/8" Labradorite .925 silver

Center of the Universe Pendant 1 1/8" Labradorite .925 silver

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This pendant is small but breathtaking

I believe the center stone is garnet, although it wasn't mentioned when I purchased it.

Labradorite is a protective stone, and is especially good if you are an empath or HSP (highly sensitive person) and often “take on the energies, emotions or thoughts of others – it helps to deflect those energies allowing your energy to remain clearer. Wearers often find that they are mentally clearer, less confused, and able to make decisions more easily.
Stone of strength and unity behind apparent duality. Can help one see and understand that polarities are, in fact, a single continuum of energy expressing its self in extremes.

Labradorite aids you in penetrating the veils of the Void. The Void is the place of all potential and is the source of all creation. Wearing Labradorite will aid you in reaching into that space of potential to bring forth the creations which are for the highest good of all beings here on this planet.

If you think you may be an empath or HSP take the HSP quiz and get more insights into 6 areas of sensitivity, along with tips to help make your life easier and better.

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