Healing Balance Mixed Tiger-eye Beaded Chain
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Healing Balance Mixed Tiger-eye Beaded Chain

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Are you in need of deep healing and balance? Then this would be an excellent stone to choose.

Tigers-Eye grounds the energy of solar ray into the earth and carries the frequency of creation, of sunlight on soil.

Teaches balance between the polarities and underlying unity behind opposites. Assists in balance the physical w/ spiritual and actualizing spirit through mundane tasks

Green tigers-eye is deeply healing on a physical level, going to the areas most in need of balance first and moving out from there. Tigers-eye also helps to bring balance and grounding to your entire system, allowing you to be energized and strong.

Wear it or keep it near you whenever you are struggling to find the energy to keep going, or in a healing crisis. Let its strong, healing energy and love suffuse your being.

Beaded Chain Brown and Green Tigers’eye, sterling silver
beaded portion is 16”, adjusts to 22”

May also be worn with other pendants or a BioElectric Shield - Sold separately




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