Destiny’s Time Kyanite and Moonstone  .925 sterling silver pendant
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Destiny’s Time Kyanite and Moonstone .925 sterling silver pendant

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The quality and glow of this Kyanite is stunning for its depth and color.

Are you struggling with finding the right timing - hard to know when to act or wait?. This stone teaches you to identify the current stage of your creation and act appropriately moving with the rhythms of your life Allows you to forge your own unique path by bringing together your various interests, skills and knowledge to be used here and now.

Kyanite and Moonstone are a great duo to wear to really assist you in seeing and understanding all your gifts and knowing the right time to act in order to fulfill your destiny.

Kyanite is grounding and energizing building bridges of light between disparate aspects of experience. Assists in negotiations and communication between disharmonious people, allows energies to gently move into resonance and find a common frequency.

Kyanite, moonstone, .925 sterling silver, 1.5

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