Grounded Optimism Pendant Only
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Grounded Optimism Pendant Only

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Rediscover a sense of optimism and brightness in your life.

Black Tourmaline is greatly needed in these times as it helps to relieve negative thinking and anxiety. It’s nearly impossible to be optimistic when you’re feeling all the negativity around you, protected from outside influences you’ll be able to shift your own viewpoint. Purifies your energy field helping to heal the damage caused by stress.

Combined with Hawk’s Eye (Dark Blue Tigers-eye) the sense of brightness and optimism increases ten-fold, opening you up to an appreciation of the pure and beautiful as your passion for life blossoms.

Wearing these stones together you’ll be more grounded and balanced, yin and yang in perfect harmony, you'll have a better sense of focus and well-being and stand firm with courage and confidence.

Pendant Black tourmaline, Hawk’s Eye Tiger Eye and Sterling Silver.

Length “2 3/8”



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