Success, Passion and Love with Sonora Sunrise Jasper and Garnet Pendant
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Success, Passion and Love with Sonora Sunrise Jasper and Garnet Pendant

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Garnet combines the energies of the base chakra, heart chakra and crown chakra, offering physical, emotional and spiritual support.

Spiritually it allows you to open to the channel of divine Love that constantly streams from Source. It helps the heart open to that love as well as the love of others. It also helps you recall and fulfill your life's purpose by taking the appropriate steps on your path.

Emotionally is soothing and healing to the emotional body and encourages self-respect and self-love. It reminds you of your abilities and gifts and encourages their expression.

Sonora Sunrise is a trade name for an eye-catching red and green gem material that brings to mind sunrises in the desert. It is naturally occurring, composed mainly of bluish-green chrysocolla and bright red cuprite.

empowerment that too infuses freedom in the life of the soul. The fused energies of two stones in a single gem serve the spirit soul to get out of the stuck routine. The reverberating vibes of the charismatic gem nugget too serve the soul to achieve acknowledgment as well as control the intellectual and emotional torso in the troublesome situations. Further, it provokes the feeling to empower self as well as bestow passion to handle each phase of life assertively.

Sonora Sunset as the name suggests, it is a gem that ends the rule of off-putting energies in the life and brings new hope, freedom to lead a future life beautifully. It holds the energies of Cuprite, so speculate to hold the potency of copper too in healing the general torso of the soul. The healing potential of the stone too evokes humanity, furthermore aids opening as well as connecting the throat chakra in addition to base and sacral chakras.

The energies of the Sonora Sunset trigger the base chakra and infuse the feeling of security. It too proffers shield to the soul in terms of the physical torso. Further, the energies likewise regulate the energy flow as well as cleanse the blockages for the proper flow of the energies in the overall torso. It likewise raises the frequency of energies to heal the overall torso, moreover strengthen the grounded soul and physical torso to gain the potentiality to handle upsetting situations of the life. Aside from healing the physical torso, it too mends the intellectual and emotional torso for a sound living.

Sonora Sunset is predisposed to help the soul to augment the courage to face the challenges as well as enhance the creativity to solve the problems smoothly and easily. Furthermore, the energies of the stone too obliterate stress, fear as well as anxiety. It is speculated to possess the properties of the gem nuggets Chrysocolla and Cuprite. It likewise brings clarity in thoughts and help to stay cool and balanced during distressing situations of life. The reverberating energies of the stone further eliminate edginess moreover irritability to fight the stressful conditions. The vigor of color energies of the stone roots out hypertension in addition to the feeling of guilt as well as evoked the feeling to speak the truth. The energies of two stone in a single gem make it a highly regarded gem nugget to heal the overall physical body along with the troubles of throat and lungs.

The vibrations of the energies of the fusion of two stones turn the heart chakra on and wipe out the negative energy blocks from the emotional torso completely. The enthralling tints of the stone too contemplate to yield flexibility as well as induce patience. It likewise releases the feeling of guilt and help to forgive self. Further, the activate throat chakra lets the soul express feelings either through verbal expression or artistic creativity.

Sonora Sunset that is assessed to hold the potential of Chrysocolla helps to detoxify poison from the overall torso in addition to physical parts. It cures the issues of the blood pressure, moreover shield the soul from infections or fevers as well as help to get relief from muscle cramps.

The combination of the energies to infuse a new potent vibe in Sonora Sunset too proffers spiritualism as well as help to attain spiritualism and spiritual benefits by turning on the third eye chakra. Chrysocolla potency in the gemstone holds the power of copper that helps to root out the pain effectively. The beautiful and charismatic Sonora Sunset is pulled from the regions of Northwest Mexico that edges Arizona and New Mexico.

The fused energies of Cuprite and Chrysocolla accelerate the vivacity and vigor of the torso and activate the chakras related to the color radiating energies of the stone. It too links the soul to the grounding potency of the Mother Earth as well as helps to stay rooted. Further, it gives a boost to the hidden potency to accomplish the goals of life. The energies of the stone not only open the heart chakra but to help to accept love and respect the beauty of nature. Furthermore, the energies of Sonora Sunset too help to satisfy the physical needs and control the emotions.

Sonoran Sunrise Jasper comes from the Milpillas Mine in Sonora, Mexico.

Sonora Sunrise Jasper & Garnet 925 Sterling Silver Pendant 2 5/8”



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