Starry Night Sky  - Druzy Blue Geode .925 Sterling Silver Pendant
Gemstone Alchemy

Starry Night Sky - Druzy Blue Geode .925 Sterling Silver Pendant

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Doesn’t the shimmering blue remind you of a sparkling night sky? Look into its depths and allow your vision to open to the possibilities of the universe.

Aura Druzy is hard to resist, the shimmering iridescence is magical and enchanting. Yes, the “aura” part is enhanced by electrostatically bonding various precious metals to the stone. This is permanent and it becomes part of the intrinsic energy of the stone. Since the metals and the stones are natural, even though this is enhanced it is all from the earth and is a beautiful example of alchemy.

The combination enhances the expansion qualities of the stone and work in harmony with the stone’s color and makeup and provide additional healing and balancing qualities to the wearer.

Do you need the courage to start again? Then this is a good choice for you as it helps you assimilate your life’s experiences and promotes the courage to begin again, overcoming negativity and bitterness.

Allow the agate to nourish to entire body as it creates a strong Earth connection to help you be more grounded and comfortable living in the world. Promotes courage and helps in overcoming negativity and bitterness of heart

Druzy Blue Geode, 925 Sterling 1 3/8”

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