Gemstone Alchemy Original

Agate Purple Striped Heart Pendant

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Do you need the courage to start again? Then this is a good choice for you as it helps you assimilate your life’s experiences and promotes the courage to begin again, overcoming negativity and bitterness of heart.

Do you feel out of sync, in need of balancing? Agate is deeply nourishing to entire body as it creates a strong Earth connection to help you be more grounded and comfortable living in the world. Promotes courage and helps in overcoming negativity and bitterness of heart.

Agate is beautifully grounding and because of its color variation often enhances and brings together and harmonizes energies from different chakras to assist them to work together in new ways, bringing your entire being into a better sense of balance.

the color combination makes this an especially powerful piece because it’s combining the energies of root (1st chakra), creativity (2nd chakra) and vision and spirituality (7th chakra)

Connection to earth, courage, self-confidence

Agate, pewter 2 1/8”

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