Ancient's Truth

Ancient's Truth

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Unity, Wholeness and Truth.

Embrace the totality of your Earth walk. Wearing Turquoise, Chrysocolla and coral will allow you to understand your life experiences and access their wisdom. You know all experiences are valid and even mistakes simply another experience.

Empowerment happens when you see that everything you've been through has been necessary to get you to where you are today. Own your deepest wisdom and share either in words or as an example to give other courage and hope.

Experience ease of communication, spiritual expansion, your goddess energies, your gentle and bodacious power in unity with the Earth and the Universe.

Move into an effortless articulation of your deepest wisdom as you share your of understanding from all life experiences. You know all experiences are valid and mistakes simply another experience. Embrace totality of Earth walk.

Turquoise, Chrysocolla, Coral, Karen Hill Tribe Silver (98-99% pure silver)

Necklace 20"
Earrings are available, but not shown