Manifest Vision Heart Pendant and Optional beaded chain

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Copper Turquoise is a combination of turquoise and copper, in this case obviously dyed.

I love the look and feel of this lovely pendant. It has many of the qualities of Lapis Lazuli but with a more earthy feel.

Insight, communication, grounding, Truth

 1.64” Long

Shown with Manifest Vision Beaded Chain - Regular $107

Manifest your inner vision.
This combination of lapis and carnelian helps you to access and activate your inner vision and put it into action.

You may not even know clearly what that is yet, but this necklace will help you to bring it to the forefront and bring it to fruition.

Carnelian - Taking action to manifest highest goals and dreams, overcome fear of doing wrong thing, understand how to bring concept and dreams into being
Carnelian is an agate, so is also grounding.

Lapis - Inner Vision, Truthful Communication, royal virtues, self knowledge and reflection, clairvoyance and precognition

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