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Central Sun Soul Zest Set

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Unleash the zest of both the physical sun and the central sun, bringing those energies into your system in an integrative manner, reviving body and spirit.

The Healers Royal Gold pendant is citrine permanently treated with Gold to create a stone that connects you to central sun and balance your entire energy field.

Wearing sunstone increases the light within your system, raising your overall vibration and penetrating into the cellular level. Sunstone accelerates your process of evolution and helps to alleviate the discomfort of adapting to increasingly higher levels of light by releasing the resistance.

Pendant connected by enhancer and can be worn separately as well.

Length 19”
Pendant 2”

HEALERS ROYAL GOLD, also known as "Kundalini Quartz" because of its powerful Kundalini moving energies. It's said to move energy upwards from the base chakra to the crown, opening each chakra along the way. This can be a very intense experience as the energy spirals through each chakra, so it's best to be prepared for it energetically.

Citrine is a type of quartz, and the general properties of Citrine such as success, will power and others, also apply to Kundalini Quartz. Like other types of Citrine, Kundalini Quartz also does not accumulate negative energies.

Kundalini Quartz citrine from the Congo is treated with Golden Sun Aura and carries the energy of the Central Sun. This stone has a very powerful synergistic action on the body, mind and emotions.

Allows you to assimilate the rapid and sometimes upsetting changes going forth on the planet today, very good for healing pain in all areas of life; very soothing to the self, leading to a sense of well-being and greater amounts of life energy flowing through the body. Fully embodies the true golden light of the central sun. It will clean the aura and all chakras in a way NO other crystal can or will; bringing balance and harmony through wellness. Very powerful crown chakra opener!

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