Focused Goddess - Chrysocolla and Smoky Quartz Sterling Silver Pendant - 1.75”

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Chrysocolla & Smoky Quartz combine to help you ground all the qualities of Chrysocolla and make them fully accessible to you on this physical plane with a deep clarity of thought and understanding.

Listen deeply to the voice within and express it with freedom, passion, spontaneity, and reverence as you communicate your own expression of what is sacred to you. Connect with the goddess energies of gentleness, power and Earth consciousness.

Excellent stone for sound healers as it teaches you how your sounds and words affect our physical reality in powerful ways.

Wearing this stone can help alleviate the fear of social situations as you’ll feel more security in communicating with others.

Express your sacred goddess energies as you connect with Earth consciousness and speak from your heart.

Small pendant with beautiful detailing and a powerful energy.


Enliven this lovely pendant with optional Empath Vision Beaded Chain

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