Shine Your Inner Light - Sunstone Pendant

Shine Your Inner Light - Sunstone Pendant

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It's almost impossible to wear or hold this sunny pendant and feel down. 

Sunstone is an instant connection to our physical sun and to the central sun, bringing those energies into your system in an integrative manner, unleashing zest and reviving body and spirit.

Wearing sunstone increases the light within your system, raising your overall vibration and penetrating into the cellular level. Sunstone accelerates your process of evolution and helps to alleviate the discomfort of adapting to increasingly higher levels of light by releasing the resistance.

Sunstone awakens your inner joy and playfulness reminding you that life and living is meant to be celebrated bodaciously. Sunstone shines its light into the shadows of your heart, clearing old emotions and breathing issues. It can also give you the energy to shift momentum and get started.

1.75" Sunstone, Sterling .925 silver

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