Curves of Vision Earrings
Gemstone Alchemy Original

Curves of Vision Earrings

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Move strongly, surely and with discernment.

Lapis Lazuli and Purple Jade assist you in connecting from the Earthstar chakra below the soles of your feet, through your entire field and into your crown chakra and beyond. This becomes a deep alignment form the core of your being directly into your highest spiritual knowledge.

Inner Vision, Truthful Communication, royal virtues, self-knowledge, reflection, clairvoyance, precognition, spiritual knowledge, tapping into the soul’s riches and connecting to guides and higher beings.

NOTE: color doesn't show correctly - I've photographed these several times, under different lights and they continue to show as if all blue, but the round beads on the curved tubes are actually deep purple jade.

Length 2.2"

Lapis Lazuli, Purple Jade, Sterling silver .925

Beautiful worn alone or with Strands of Joyous Vision Necklace

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