Empath Bridge Curve Earrings
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Empath Bridge Curve Earrings

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This is a combination I like to call Empath's Bridge to Vision.

Kyanite and lapis is a powerful combination for bringing your energy into cohesion, protecting and increasing your empathic and psychic abilities and allowing for more clarity in perception. Excellent combination for healers, psychics and those who rely on their vision and intuition to move them forward on their path of self-knowledge.

Time to quit playing small - answer the call of your soul. Clarify your vision, remember the truth of who you and experience divine inspiration as you are flooded with the energies of your soul, raising you to live courageously to your highest potential.

Unlike many stones that open your third eye and psychic ability, Kyanite is not a “floaty” stone. You are not flying energetically without connection to earth but rather Kyanite is assisting you in grounding your energies in a way that is quietly energizing, allowing you to go easily and consciously to higher spiritual realms.

Do you have something you need to say? Lapis opens both throat and brow chakras – bringing both your clear vision and your communication together so you can say just the right things, as if by magic.

Length approx 2.5”

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