Gemstone Alchemy Original

Energy of Stars to Highest Potential

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Bring the energy of the stars into your soul. Pale pink amethyst and quartz crystal activate your soul star chakra with the shimmering, swirling magic of the Universe.

The soul star is the 8th chakra and is just above your crown chakra. It’s connected to all your other chakras and is how you connect to the cosmic forces of the Universe and your higher self. Connecting you to your spiritual nature

This chakra is your link to your Akashic Records, your past lives and your purpose. Known as the “seat of the soul” opening to your soul star allows you to release old energy and welcome the divine in with Love.

Joy, Energy Cleansing, Mental Clarity, Positive thoughts

Pale pink amethyst, quartz, .925 sterling silver

The cut on this pink amethyst is stunning, the spiraling facets are brilliant, joyful and uplifting.

I have been unable to do this necklace justice with my photography. Imagine it spinning starts from every facet.

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