Gentle Power Amazonite, Peridot Sterling Pendant

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Hope, Courage, Confidence, gentle power, Self-expression, Universal Love, Heart, Abundance, Universal, gratitude

Are you struggling with expressing yourself in any way - verbally, lifestyle, dress, even gestures? Amazonite's Gentle Power helps you express who you truly are!! When there are decisions to be made, oftentimes rationally analyzing them keeps you stuck in a loop. Let go and allow your intuitive self to bring answers and meanings, and trust in Spirit that allows you to act on your intuitive flashes with courage and clarity.

Amazonite is known as the Hope Stone as it inspires and ignites the hope in your heart alleviating fear and worry. When you have hope, courage and trust in spirit, you can accomplish anything.

Hope, Courage, Confidence, Self-expression, Universal Love

this is a beautiful Amazonite stone with a lot of depth.

Amazonite, Sterling Silver, Peridot 1.75”

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