Gemstone Alchemy Original

Grounded Passion

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Ground and protect your aura, while at the same time stimulating inner vision and enhancing your psychic abilities.

This is also a combination that is cleansing to your aura and helps you remain connected to Earth energy and Nature Spirits. In my experience it helps you be grounded as you soar.

Be more focused and secure in the processes or your mind and ability to absorb new information, while enhancing your creativity.

You’ll find yourself more patient and adaptable to changing situations. Just like Labradorite it repels negative energy and helps you be less affected by the thoughts and needs of those around you (or at a distance).

The ruby quartz is a glass stone that has tremendous energy to enliven your passion.

May also be calming to nerves and muscles. Excellent to wear in times of stress and change.

Black Labradorite aka Larvikite, Onyx, Sterling Adjustable pewter toggle clasp. Earwires, surgical steel, ruby quartz - glass

Earrings 2.25”

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