Gemstone Alchemy Original

Heart’s Harmonized Abundance

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Is it time to heal your heart and melt old patterns that are constrictive? Then wear malachite and feel the qualities of flexibility, patience and confidence expand throughout.

Malachite is a stone of transformation and will help clear and activate your path to your desired goals. Combined with pyrite and you have the powers of both stones assisting you in manifestation as it helps you ground your higher knowledge into the earth plane and take action to move your ideas into reality. Will help you to create more abundance and vibrancy in your life.

Malachite promotes harmony, unity, and ease throughout your body. Rhythmic waves of energy move up and down your body, uncovering disharmonies and healing ever more deeply-seated areas of distress. Pyrite with further this process by connecting to and channeling the energy of earth into your body.

Money Magnet, Protection from Negativity, Balance Brain, confidence, protection, healed heart, melts constrictive patterns

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