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Heart's Highest Purpose Beaded Chain (Pendant Sold separately)

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Do you feel like you’re been floundering? Look at this piece and feel the energies align with yours.

The combined energies of emerald and amethyst in the pendant and green tiger-eye in the beaded chain come together to bring together the calling of your heart with the purpose of your soul.

In our crazy world, it’s easy to get jangled in such a way that your heart and soul simply cannot seem to connect with each other, leaving you feeling like you’re floundering, uncertain of what you're doing or how to bring it into being.

Green tigers-eye is deeply healing both the physical and emotional levels, going to the areas most in need of balance first and moving out from there. Tigers-eye helps to bring balance and grounding to your entire system, allowing you to be energized and strong.

Wear it or keep it near you whenever you are struggling to find the energy to keep going, or in a healing crisis. Let its strong, healing energy and love suffuse your being.

Tigers-eye manages to be deeply grounding and uplifting at the same time – it’s an equal of iron (grounding) and quartz (energy/upliftment).

Beaded chain – Green tiger-eye, bright clear amethyst, and sterling silver. Beaded portion 16” adjusts with chain and lobster clasp to 22”

Note: this is the last of these beautiful bright amethyst beads. If you like it...don't wait until it's gone.

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