Iolite, Amethyst, Sterling Silver Pendant 1 5/8

Iolite, Amethyst, Sterling Silver Pendant 1 5/8

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Iolite helps you communicate more deeply with your inner self, removing the fear that sometimes can come up in the process. This is a good stone for opening your vision and intuitive knowing. Helps with problem solving, healing of old wounds and meditation.

Seems to have a special attunement to lives associated with the Cathars, Arthurian legends and the Nights Templar

Iolite opens your visionary centers and communication with other realms. It also takes you deep into your inner self, dissolving the fear that sometimes accompanies that process. Wearing Iolite can help you move forward in healing old wounds and uncovering inner treasures. It also increases the blending of your normal consciousness with your intuitive knowing, helping your brain understand your soul’s longings.

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