Gemstone Alchemy Original

Manifested Light Frequencies

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This necklace truly takes my breath away. The smoky quartz stones are beautifully cut, perfectly clear and very powerful as it removes negativity and aligns your physical body with expanded light frequencies.

The design is offset with small but interesting brass beads and a toggle clasp. 

Necklace 18.5, smoky quartz, brass

Earrings 2" Earwire GF

Are you reaching deep into the spiritual realm for inspiration and knowledge but having difficulty bringing your energy and these new energies into your body so they are accessible in your daily life?

Smoky quartz can help you get out of the “spaced out zone” and back here in the present while bringing these expanded light frequencies into alignment with your physical being. This helps you ground your energy and knowledge, increasing your ability to manifest your dreams and visions. It’s only when the energies are grounded that they can manifest and smoky quartz is the most powerful transformational tool I know for helping you to do that.

Smoky Quartz is also known as a master healer for the body, earth chakra, and the environment. This makes perfect sense to me because it makes high-level frequencies attainable and reachable in our day to day life – bringing you just slightly out of the “mire” of the earth plane – just enough so that you can manifest and operate on the next higher level without getting lost in the ozone where you become ineffective. Smoky quartz assists you by integrating your physical energy with the expanded light frequencies that you are working with bringing them from the spiritual realms into our 3D existence.

In an age where we need to multi-task, smoky provides much-needed focus and organizing capabilities, even alleviating symptoms of ADD. Smoky also helps to ground your energy increasing your ability to manifest your dreams and visions.

grounding, removes negativity, transformation, the manifestation of dreams, inspiration, organization, ADD, expanded light frequencies, balance. de-stress. wishes

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