Masterful Abundance - Jade Stretch bracelet
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Masterful Abundance - Jade Stretch bracelet

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Become master of your money instead of being mastered by it, bring forth abundance in all levels of your life.

Jade helps you release scarcity-mindedness and fear of poverty and helps you step out of the entanglements of greed, avarice and envy that tell us that money and having money is perhaps something to be feared or avoided.
Once you have released those beliefs, you are in a position to embrace and allow abundance to flow to you on all levels.

Bring balance and harmony back to your heart chakra and your physical body with jade. Jade will help you experience the abundance, joy and love in all things. Jade helps you to restore your connection to the divine

Bracelet is stretchy so will fit most wrists.

There are two versions of jade earrings available

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