Ocean Jasper, Bronze Gold Pendant 2”

Ocean Jasper, Bronze Gold Pendant 2”

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Ocean Jasper brings a sense of calm and tranquility. You can practically feel the stress draining away as it soothes your nerves and eliminates negative energy.

You’ll feel more grounded and centered, even finding more patience with yourself and others. As with other stones that come in a variety of colors, the color maters. The color is a mahogany color that is just a little browner than the darker colors of carnelian. It connects to your second chakra and will assist you in accessing your creativity and motivation.

the bronze color varies from a yellow-gold to rose gold color. May be cleaned with brass or copper cleaner.

I can see and feel the power of this pendant with a beaded chain of Carnelian and Sunstone. Ask me about it if interested. (I don’t have an example, as I just thought of this and ordered the Sunstone today 2-6-17)

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