Positivity & Inner Strength Beaded Chain

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Are you feeling drained by the challenges in your life? Or are you having difficulty managing the many tasks that seem to require your attention all at once?

Rediscover your passion and zest, by awakening both your heart and root chakras. Working together you’ll find your more grounded both physically and emotionally and able to tackle the challenges in your life.

 Onyx works with the Garnet to further strengthen, heal and stabilizes your root chakra allowing you to feel stronger on all levels. The energy for all your other chakras comes through the root and if that is strong the others will be in better shape as well.

 Garnet combines the energies of the base chakra, heart chakra and crown chakra, offering physical, emotional and spiritual support.

 Spiritually it allows you to open to the channel of divine Love that constantly streams from Source. It helps the heart open to that love as well as the love of others. It also helps you recall and fulfill your life's purpose by taking the appropriate steps on your path.


Emotionally is soothing and healing to the emotional body and encourages self-respect and self-love. It reminds you of your abilities and gifts and encourages their expression.


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