Gemstone Alchemy Original

Purposeful Clarity Necklace and Pendant - wear together or separately - Earrings Included

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Can you feel the glow? Citrine and Amethyst - bringing you clarity & success as it helps you align with your highest purpose. And honestly, it really does shine.

This combination is your ally in turbulent times providing stability, peace, inner strength and clarity. May also help to relieve depression, self-doubt and irrational mood swings. 

Aids in eliminating emotion-based decision making - and who can't use a bit of that? 

The pendant can be taken off and worn separately, and the necklace can be worn alone as well. With the chain in back justs from about 16" to 22"
It's brighter and clearer than what is showing up.

Pendant 2.4" Amethyst, Citrine, Sterling Silver

Earrings 2.5" Amethyst, Citrine, Sterling Silver

PS these photos don't even begin to show the true beauty and shine. I'll try again and hope I can capture it better.


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