Gemstone Alchemy Original

Revelations of Wholeness - set

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 Step forth in all your brilliance with courage, inner strength and an understanding of your deepest insights as you let your inherent magic shine forth and guide your purpose..In our chaotic world it’s easy to lose that magic and allow yourself to be overwhelmed and overshadowed. But that’s not serving yourself or the world.

 Amethyst and Labradorite protect and strengthen your energy, allowing you to penetrate the veils of the void, the place of all potential and bring all that knowledge into your activated higher mind. Live to your highest potential and delight in the magic that begins to happen all around you.

The quality and brilliance of the Labradorite is absolutely beautiful, paired with deep dark amethyst and you'll be seriously energized.

 Labradorite  – clear dark brilliant amethyst, Sterling silver

Length 19.5-21”

 Earrings 2.25” – Sterling Silver

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