Gemstone Alchemy Original

Sacred Goddess Set

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Connect fully to the unity in all things and expand into your deepest truth and wholeness as you share it effortlessly.

Chrysocolla and Turquoise is a great combination to wear if you are a teacher, writer or communicator.

Listen deeply to the voice within and express it with freedom, passion, spontaneity, and reverence as you communicate your own expression of what is sacred to you. Connect with the goddess energies of gentleness, power and Earth consciousness.

This is excellent for those who must speak to share their ideas, including speakers, teachers, and sound healers as it teaches you how your sounds and words affect our physical reality in powerful ways.

May help alleviate fear of social situations as you’ll feel more security in communicating with others.

Express your sacred goddess energies as you connect with Earth consciousness and speak from your heart.
Earrings 2.5” Surgical Steel posts
Turquoise, Chrysocolla, Pewter

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