Selenite Heart - Soul Star Guidance
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Selenite Heart - Soul Star Guidance

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Open more fully to the guidance from your soul star wearing this Selenite heart. It’s powerful, yet gentle.

Selenite can open your third-eye, crown and higher Soul Star Chakras, making it one of the most intense upper chakra stones but in a soothing gentle way. It cleanses your aura and clears energy and negativity both physically and etherically. Increases the ability to receive inner guidance.

Chakra: Third eye chakra, crown chakra, higher realms chakras including the Soul Star Chakra above your head. It's one of the most intense stones for upper chakras.

Selenite is fast and effective at cleansing the auric field and can clear congested energies or negativity from your physical and etheric body. Selenite also makes it possible to more consciously meet your spirit guides and guardian angels, it facilitates the experience of receiving inner guidance.
Element: Wind

Selenite crystal is said to be a beautiful angelic connection stone.
It can facilitate communication with all aspects of the celestial realm. The crystal enables the user to attune to their vibratory rate and raise consciousness to a higher level.

Sterling wire wrap

2” wide x Length 2.5”, depth about .5” - this is a bit on the heavy side, but not greatly so. However, if you dislike weight of any kind, then pass on this one.

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