Shades of Gray Funk Bracelet
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Shades of Gray Funk Bracelet

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In order to be effective in your life you need to be grounded here on earth.

Wear this combination of Tourmalinated Quartz and Hematite to help you focus on manifesting your successful engaged life. Both stones are good for helping the mind focus and solve problems, and help you determine if your “wild” ideas could actually work here in the “real” world.

Tourmalinated quartz helps to eliminate "crystalized " patterns in your body which may have been destructive in a physical and mental manner in your life. It also helps in adjusting imbalances throughout your body.

Be here now, not floating in woo woo land with the focus and courage you need, and you’ll be surprised how much you get done, and how enjoyable life can be.

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Adjusts 7.5-8.5”

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