Spiritual Vibration - Rutilated Quartz, White Topaz Pendant

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Increase your spiritual vibration and your physical vitality with this combination of rutilated quartz and white topaz.

White topaz increases your ability to understand clearly guidance from spirit and clarity on determining your true path. It also and facilitates your expression of your spiritual energy through your creations

Clarify and align intention with divine will, assisting in bringing it to manifestation in the physical world. As you know there's a time-lag between your intention and manifestation - if you hold a clear intent, white topaz will help shorten that time because it speeds up your vibrational energy.

This is an ally in both business and personal affairs in knowing who speaks truth and who doesn’t.

Feel spiritually expanded and grounded at the same time, which aids in the manifestation of goals.

Rutilated Quartz is a vibrational healer, increases your vitality and promotes calm, reason and order

Photo doesn’t at all show off the beauty of this pendant.


For additional Strength wear with Focused Manifestation Beaded Chain shown here, but ordered separately. 

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