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Touch the Divine in Waves of Love - Necklace, Bracelet and Earring set

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Touch the Divine as you feel the divine flow of Love moving through these beautiful Nephrite Jade stones.

The cut and clarity of the stones, as well as the way they are strung together, matters immensely. In this case, the quality and cut of the stones is extraordinary enhancing the already powerful heart energy of the jade.

The love flows in from the Universe, from the Earth, from your beautiful Heart and from all around you allowing you to be fully present and expressive of the many ways love touches and enlightens your soul.

Jade can help you restore your connection to your own heart and that of the divine universe allowing you to experience joy and abundance in all things. Allow this abundance to come into all levels of your being as you fully embrace the Love you truly are.

This is being sold as a set because I keep "hearing" very clearly that the flow of love will be greatly enhanced when wearing the bracelet and necklace together. Normally I would separate the bracelet and necklace, but I trust the importance of this guidance. 

Nephrite Jade, Gold Fill
Necklace adjusts from 17.5” to 20”
Bracelet adjusts from 7” - 8.5” (shorter on request)
Earrings 1.5” long

Note: this is some of the most beautiful Jade I've seen and this is one of my favorite cuts because of the way the energy moves within it. 

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