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Tranquil Breeze of Spirit Set

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Softly, gently, open your third-eye while staying grounded, balanced and protected. Both Kyanite and blue Calcedony bring to mind the deep tranquility of a hidden lake coming in like a soft breeze that blows away anger, frustration, confusion, and stress.

Kyanite is one of the only stones that aligns all the chakras and subtle bodies without direction or work of any kind. If you spend a little time meditating with it, you can open all your chakras. It also is remarkable in that it doesn’t absorb negative energies and has no need of cleansing or cleaning.

The central stone is blue chalcedony – which is known for its protective and opening qualities.

Wearing this combination will be calming, and help you resonate more clearly with spirit and trust.

Kyanite, Calcedony, sterling Silver
Length - 15.5-19 adjusts with lobster clasp and chain
Earrings - Kyanite, sterling silver 2”

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