Tranquil Courageous Heart Beaded chain
Gemstone Alchemy Original

Tranquil Courageous Heart Beaded chain

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Live from your own heart truth with courage in this combination of jade, and green Kyanite.

Green Kyanite creates a bridge between self and the dynamic forces of Nature assisting you in feeling the constantly moving, flowing balance of Chi, the Universe's life force. It is also protective and grounding.

Know when someone is speaking from their heart when you are wearing this cosmic “sincerity detector”. Discerning truth can be increasingly difficult when we are bombarded by untruth both from the news, coworkers, even friends and family.

Jade will assist in Increasing the flow of Divine energy into never-ending well of abundance that is the Universe. Be master of your money, instead of being mastered by it. Allow joy into your life and heal scarcity-mindedness and fear. Enjoy life and share your abundant heart with others

Length - When wearing a beaded chain, most people tend to wear it shorter than when on a chain. Gemstone portion of necklace is 16”, with chain it’s Adjustable 16-22"

If you want a longer or shorter size, email me for availability and price

May also be worn with a BioElectric Shield, sold separately 

Heart Truth, Communication, Nature, Flow, Clarity, Akashic Records, Nature Bridge, Inner Dimensions, Connection to earth, courage, self-confidence, Abundance, Joy of Life


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