Uplifting Hope - Shimmering Mediterranean Green Aura Druzy Pendant
Gemstone Alchemy Original

Uplifting Hope - Shimmering Mediterranean Green Aura Druzy Pendant

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Allow the shimmering green to fill your heart and body with hope and love. Feel the calm and peace of deep green waters soothing your emotions and body.

This is more than just a calming stone, it’s grounding and assists your courage and ability to step forward with love and hope into whatever is your next step.

Aura Druzy is hard to resist, the shimmering iridescence is magical and enchanting. Yes, the “aura” part is enhanced by electrostatically bonding various precious metals to the stone. This is permanent and it becomes part of the intrinsic energy of the stone. Since the metals and the stones are natural, even though this is enhanced it is all from the earth and is a beautiful example of alchemy.

The combination enhances the expansion qualities of the stone and work in harmony with the stone’s color and makeup and provide additional healing and balancing qualities to the wearer.

Most of the time the original stone is agate, but can be other stones as well, but usually not disclosed. Thus I take the overall meaning from the colors of the stones. My explanations are a guideline only and what you may experience may be different.

Agate Aura Druzy, .925 Sterling Silver, 1.5”

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