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Wings of Harmony

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Do you ever go into a space and feel you must pull your wings in?

Do you know and search for places where you can expand your wings fully?

This is the first of a new collection called Wings: Wings of freedom, desire, expression, spirit, connection, joy, light, it’s our spirit soaring, loving, expanding into the fullness of self. Feel the difference between contraction and expansion. How much more can you do and be when you allow your wings to emerge?

This particular necklace and earring set is Kyanite, Blue Quartz and Sterling Silver

This combination of Kyanite and blue quartz brings to mind the deep tranquility of a hidden lake. It comes in like a soft breeze that blows away anger, frustration, confusion, and stress.

When touching, holding, wearing, caressing Kyanite I can literally feel my entire system align, chakras and all subtle bodies instantly move into coherence soothing body, mind and spirit. If you hold a piece of Kyanite, you’ll know exactly why I said caressing, it invites your caress and it’s truly hard to resist and even harder to stop. Once you begin to touch Kyanite its properties are released and you just won’t want to stop that wonderful feeling of peace and openness that overtakes you.

Kyanite and blue quartz both align the chakras and subtle bodies without direction or work of any kind. If you spend a little time meditating with it, you can open all your chakras. It also is remarkable in that it doesn’t absorb negative energies and has no need of cleansing or cleaning.

Are there areas in your experience or disharmonious people whom you would like to bring harmony to? Then by all means wear or meditate with this necklace. It becomes a bridge of light bringing disparate energies, blocks in your aura, or even emotional blocks between people into a more cohesive pattern. Things begin to smooth out and patterns which were previously hidden are more clearly seen.

If you are involved in negotiations, then Kyanite will work with you to bring all into coherence where you begin to find a common frequency allowing both parties to begin to see unity and shared aims where before there was only discord bringing with it mutual understanding and cooperation.

This ability to bring patterns into cohesion also works on your inner being helping you to incorporate all your many aspects, talents and gifts into a dynamic whole that feeds and nurtures you. New possibilities open before you, as you begin to see your own unique mosaic and how you can use it to reach and go beyond goals in completely new and sometimes surprising ways.

Unlike many stones that open your third eye and psychic ability, Kyanite is not a “floaty” stone. You are not flying energetically without connection to earth but rather Kyanite is assisting you in grounding your energies in a way that is quietly energizing, allowing you to go easily and consciously to higher spiritual realms. Feel your mind calm as you slip into a deeply restful, meditative experience also facilitating communication with guides and the opening your psychic powers.

Both stones are protective stones and excellent tools for empaths and other highly sensitive people or healers to use, protecting and increasing your empathic and psychic abilities and allowing for more clarity in perception.

Because of its ability to align all your chakras and subtle bodies immediately, this would be a good stone to use to start any healing, meditation, workday, negotiation or even when going to bed. Oh heck, just wear it every day. Ahhhhh

There are lovely drop earrings included - not pictured

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