Feed Your Soul - Awaken Your Magic - Live Your Purpose - With Gemstone Jewelry by AnnaMariah

Answer the call of your soul - Step into the fullness of your divine purpose with jewelry handcrafted and energized with Love and Reiki energies.

Personal Touchstones and Talismans - Gemstone Alchemy is more than just pretty jewelry it’s your own personal touchstone, imbued with evolutionary consciousness.

Live Your Divine Purpose - As a Gemstone Empath and Gemstone Guardian, I combine the stone for maximum energy harmony, and return each stone to original purpose in creation to assist you in living your original intended purpose.

Gemstone Alchemy is - My process of combining stones in a way that the finished product is greater than the sum of the parts. I do this by listening deeply to the stones, tuning into the person who will eventually wear a piece and creating something unique that will awaken their unique magic.

What’s calling to you? Look with your intuition, not just your eyes. When you feel drawn to something here, allow its energy in and see what’s awakening within you.

Bring the magic back to your life and work - Whether you’re starting on a journey of discovery or taking the next step in your evolution, the Guardians and your spirit come together with me to create the piece or pieces that will aid you in your continual process of shifting, changing, transforming and becoming. 

Consultations and readings available to help make choices and/or to customize a creation just for you.

AnnaMariah, Gemstone Empath, a Guardian of the Stones, Reiki Master

Note: Artwork - watercolors by David Nau, Earth Energy Art - contact me for prices on originals and prints.