Testimonials or Rave Reviews

"AnnaMariah's work as a jewelry designer is extraordinary. She posses an experts knowledge of stones and fashions them into beautiful pieces of jewelry. Her prices are reasonable for the quality of her work and I wear my pieces regularly.” 
Robin Finnell, style consultant


I have had many pieces of AnnaMariah's Jewelry call to me and have spent much haha! But....I find that if something is calling to you, there is a reason for it.

I have grown, healed, and transformed my life so much with the crystal jewelry AnnaMariah has made. Crystals are so dear to my heart and so much so that I have decided to enroll in a Crystal Healer Certification course to work intensely with crystals and use them to heal myself and others.

AnnaMariah's pieces are extraordinary...the crystals are top quality and the energy is amazing. I am STILL finding ways they heal and empower me all the time! I will be a forever customer.
Michelle Anastasakis Covington

Michelle Testimonial


“I have never been one for big 'statement' jewelry but one of AnnaMariah's pieces caught my eye at a networking event and I just couldn't put it down. Literally. I put it on, and that was it. I felt amazing. I felt gorgeous, I felt powerful. What more can you ask from a necklace! Well, with Bold Bodacious Jewelry you can ask for more because the energy inherent in the stones boost my personal energy so I feel that good, or better, every time I put a piece on. My collection is growing and it's hard to make myself wear anything else in my jewelry box!”
Pamela Potter


"I met AnnaMariah at an event August 2013. I stopped by her table to look at her designs. I told her I was looking for something that would visually speak about my business "Ads on a Roll". She asked me just a few questions and said she had the perfect design for me. From concept to receiving the finished product, she's very creative and "out of the circle" thinking. Love her work!” 
Twila Moorman Hunt, Disability Connector at Team Twila

Note: Twila is wearing the necklace I created for her in purple sugilite and a green jade - both donuts - wire wrapped to resemble a the wheel on her chair. She was so delightful to work with.

Twila up close



“AnnaMariah has designed and redesigned many pieces of art jewelry for me. I adore her work, and I adore being with her. She makes everyone around her feel loved and cared about, and she is genuine in her warmth. Her pieces are always remarked upon whenever I wear them--they are distinctive and seem to make people happy! I know it makes me happy to wear them!” April 27, 2012
Signe Friedrichs, Member Relations, The Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce 


first met AnnaMariah about 5-6 years ago when she had a table with her jewelry where I work. I saw her pieces and thought they were a 
bit "big" for me --  and even the name of her business: Bold, Bodacious
Jewelry was big!  

I just hit my 50's and had always been one to think "Can't do that--what would
people think?"  I was my biggest obstacle to enjoying life! The more I thought about that name -- Bold Bodacious...the more I loved that whole concept and way of thinking.  I bought a few pieces....and then a few more....

I began thinking about what certain gemstones mean and that not only being beautiful to look at, made me FEEL beautiful.

Being a devout Catholic, I had a problem with "getting vibes/healing etc. from 
a stone" until it occurred to me -- where do we get aspirin?  It was originally
the bark from the willow tree!  Native Americans, Chinese, etc. have used
natural products made on earth -- BY GOD! -- so, if He made trees/plants etc.
that can aid in healing, then why not other properties from the same earth by the
same GOD!!

I now have a rather large collection from AnnaMariah and have gotten to know
her over the years.  Dare I say she is a real gem -- sorry, I could not resist -- but
truly, I LOVE wearing her jewelry, which I call "my lovelies" -- made by someone I have grown to love and that I know truly cares about what she is doing and helping others.

I could not recommend AnnaMariah and her knowledge and experience more!
Go fo it!" Gail  A, Virginia

Note from AnnaMariah: I've since changed the name to Gemstone Alchemy to speak more to the energy properties of my creations.


"Today I looked so good, I had a sort of formal meeting with my Humana colleagues and my new boss and his boss, the big chief and everybody complimented my beautiful necklace. I love to wear jewelry that makes an instant statement!"   
Diana Paguaga

Note from AnnaMariah - Sadly I changed websites, and somehow lost about a dozen reviews that were only saved on the now defunct site. But here are a few photos you might enjoy.