Your Own Personal Touchstone - Gemstone Consultations & Custom Jewelry Designs

You are unique and your jewelry should be too. One size does not fit all when it comes to jewelry and especially to gemstone combinations.

Transformational Jewelry - Do you feel your soul calling?

Are you going through a shift, feeling challenged, stuck, or even like you're right on the edge of that next breakthrough? Let's face it, you are always transforming or growing in some way. The right gemstone combination can support or even help to open your energy to what's next.

I can create a custom touchstone (piece of jewelry) just for you or it may be created just waiting for you. I do intuitive readings that not only help you align with the stones that are here to assist you now, as you step into what’s next...and then what’s next...and on and on, but that help you awaken to some options or perspectives you’d not seen before.

The real magic and satisfaction come when I am able to work with you to bring forth the right piece to assist you in living your most fulfilling, purposeful life.

With your own personal touchstone, you can take that leap with courage and insight. Shop the website to see if something is speaking to you, or contact me and we’ll work together to create a one-of-a-kind gemstone creation to support and enliven you as you bring the magic to your life and work.

Soul Collaboration: When I start working on a piece there is a collaboration between me, your guides, your soul and the gemstone guardians. As the piece is being birthed, it's bringing forth something new into your life, either support for a path you're already on or perhaps guidance into a whole new direction and all the possibilities involved.

I've had customers call me before I've even started asking what's going on because they feel a shift happening. The moment we agree to work together, the work begins and magic can start to happen in amazing ways. It feels as if your soul is speaking directly to me, helping me to go deeply into a process of discovery with you. It can be quite a journey.

Shannon in Amazonite-Turquoise"My experience wearing AnnaMariah's jewelry:  i
t has made a profound difference in my life. From giving me "patient warmth" during a stressful time of selling our house to the "creative zest" I needed to complete the editing and design of my Flowering Wisdom book in just nine days (oh yes, I looooove that necklace!!), her pieces are powerful energetic medicine that allow me to shine more radiantly into the world.." Shannon Jackson Arnold, Oconomowoc WI

The Custom Pricing: I can't give you a solid quote because of the organic way I work. We can start out with a budget and I'll work within that and we can come up with a ballpark range. You'll pay a deposit of $100.00. The $100 will be applied towards the final cost of the piece which may range anywhere from $195 to $600 depending on stones and metals and complexity of the design. Most pieces tend to come in between $195 and $600. I will work within your budget. 

If I have to order special stones, pendants or other items, then there is a non-refundable deposit will be 50% of the estimated cost. 

Process: I am working not only with the design but with your energy and the energy of the stones. Because each stone has a specific energy and feel, And transforms as it becomes part of a design, what I originally "saw" in my mind’s eye may be quite different from what comes together when the frequencies begin to create a flow. The best part of this process is that the final product is always so much more dynamic than if I'd followed a pattern. 

When I have something put together, I'll take a picture and email it to you (or show it to you in person). If you like it, I'll give you a final price. I'll then finish the piece and mail or deliver it to you. If you aren't satisfied, we'll talk about what would work for you, and I'll try again. 

To date, I've never given up on a project yet, and have really pleased customers.

Along with the photo, I will also send you a "reading" about the energy of that piece, and how it will specifically benefit you on your path. The readings can be very profound at times, pinpointing shifts and new options that had not yet surfaced. I will share the insights I get with you on how specifically the stones will work with you and how best you can utilize their energies.

I’d love to work with you to help bring out your personality, align you with your divine soul purpose and step into your empowered self.

Going from simple pendant to a necklace:
 Do you have a beautiful pendant sitting in your jewelry box that you don't wear? Is it beautiful, but just a bit boring hanging on a chain? I can take that pendant and make it an integral part of a necklace or create a “beaded chain” to wear with it, bringing forth a much more dynamic look and feel. 

To get started, email or IM me a photo of yourself and I'll give you some suggestions of what I'd like to create for you.