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Chaos? What Chaos? What are you talking about?  If you have to ask that, then you’ve been sleeping somewhere in a cave for a while or have reached a state of enlightenment way above the rest of us.

Almost everyone I talk to is experiencing chaos in their lives or watching the lives of those around them spin off into a dozen directions. If it’s just the lives around you, you’re probably lucky, but the consensus from most people I’ve been talking to is that most of us are feeling extremely challenged, overwhelmed and having a very difficult time keeping focused.

focused manifestation with Level 3 Shield

Combination to Reduce Overwhelm - There is one combination of stones that is especially good for combating the feelings of chaotic overwhelm and that is smoky quartz and onyx. This is a good example of the whole far surpassing the sum of the parts.

Smoky quartz is grounding, removes negativity, helps with the manifestation of dreams and inspirations and enhances organization (and that's just for a start).  Black onyx brings increased inner strength, focused attention, willpower, discipline and wise decision making. But the magic really happens when they are brought together. They merge into an energy that is much more powerful than either stone individually.

Clarity to Vision - I’ve intuitively and visually loved this combination but was surprised recently when a customer put one of the necklaces on and asked me to tune into what it was doing for her. My answer surprised even me when I truly stopped to look at what I could see. The power of onyx and smoky together brings clarity to your vision. Once the vision is clear they help your energy connect with what looks almost like tendrils to the things, events, people, energies that you need to bring that vision to manifestation.

Since that time I’ve sold quite a few necklaces and beaded chains in smoky/onyx and a few people have reported almost magical synchronicities happening in their lives where the resources or people they needed just appeared almost as if by magic. Yes, they were looking for ideas or solutions, but they felt that the gemstones helped them to be focused enough to be in the space to recognize the opportunities when they came.

For HSPs and Empaths - If you are an HSP (highly sensitive person) or Empath, this is a good combination to wear as well, especially in combination with a BioElectric Shield. Negative energy is deflected and absorbed and a sense of calm and happiness can come in its place.

Electromagnetic Radiation - Smoky quartz also absorbs electromagnetic smog and pollution. This is a great stone to wear if you are extremely sensitive to EMF radiation or are going through a period where you are spending long hours in front of a computer or on your cell phone.

Step out of the Chaos - If you are desirous of stepping out of the feeling of spinning through chaos, try a little smoky and onyx and see what happens. Please let me know what happens for you.

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Focused Manifestation and the BioElectric Shield - Photo shows one of the Focused Manifestation Beaded Chains with a BioElectric Shield.

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person or Empath? Take the HSP Empath quiz to get a Shield recommendation as well as feedback on how your sensitivities show up in your life, along with loads of info and tips to help you find more ease. 

The BioShield and beaded chain work beautifully together each enhancing the properties of the other.

I've been wearing a BioElectric Shield since 1994 and it changed my life. 

Note: I am the Operations Manager for BioElectric Shield and developed the Quiz with Ellen Koronet from Lnk Creative as a tool to help you understand why you're so sensitive and learn to turn it into a gift instead of a curse.

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