What is Gemstone Alchemy?

Awaken Your Magic - Celebration with AbbyMy passion is to create jewelry to help empower you to be your most bodacious, empowered self so you can fully live your purpose and make the biggest contribution to the world and humanity.

Can you feel your soul calling, yearning for more?

You know there is something more…more to life, more to do, more to experience, but most importantly more to BE

Somedays it’s so clear you feel you can just breathe it into being. Other days it seems lost in the clouds. There’s a stirring in your soul urging you to grow, expand, transform, become, BE.

Are you feeling it hard to break through the stagnate forces surrounding you? Do you sometimes fall into exhaustion, overwhelm and yes, sometimes even doubt? It’s time to break through the barrier that keeps you from stepping fully into yourself…the amazing divine being you truly are.

Gemstone Alchemy was created for just that purpose. I’m AnnaMariah, a gemstone empath. I may not yet know your name or your face, but I can feel your energy and the depth of your purpose. In partnership with the Gemstone Guardians, I deeply feel the energy arising as the stones come into combinations that awaken the magic within you – oftentimes creating pieces well in advance of the awareness of the person they are meant for.

GemstoneAllyAlchemy is the process of combining gemstones in combinations that become something greater than the sum of the parts. When the stones come together, they become something much more than those same gems just loose. 

I tune deeply to the energy of the stones, arranging them in combinations and patterns that bring out the most effective healing, balancing properties. The stones talk to me - telling me what goes next.  

I can create a custom touchstone (piece of jewelry) just for you or it may be created just waiting for you. I do intuitive readings that not only help you align with the stones that are here to assist you now, as you step into what’s next...and then what’s next...and on and on, but that help you awaken to some options or perspectives you’d not seen before. 

With your own personal touchstone, you can take that leap with courage and insight. Shop the website to see if something is speaking to you, or contact me and we’ll work together to create a one-of-a-kind gemstone creation to support and enliven you as you bring the magic to your life and work.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply and pay attention to where your eyes are drawn, trust that your inner knowing will guide you to exactly the right piece(s). 

Note: it may not always feel comfortable - change can feel a little scary - but trust your guidance. If you're having difficulty tuning in, let's do a personal consultation.

Each piece is created with the power of gemstone alchemy to
  • Support your energy
  • Align with your purpose within the whole of creation
  • Connect you to not only evolution/creation but your soul group and lineage, past, present and future
  • Help you achieve your goals
  • Find your inner goddess
  • Exude confidence
  • Shine your uniqueness
  • Find your passion
  • Step into your own power 
  • Clarify your intuition and vision
  • and so much more.

Look fantastic in your jewelry and know that it's a partner and ally in your soul's evolution and your current earth mission.


annamariahnau@gmail.com  or 541-631-0279 (PT)

See me in person by appointment at my Central Point, Oregon Studio