What is Gemstone Alchemy?

AnnaMariah-AlchemyisGemstone Alchemy is the process of combining gemstones in combinations that become something greater than the sum of the parts. When the stones come together, they become something much more than those same gems just loose.

I tune deeply to the energy of the stones, arranging them in combinations and patterns that bring out the most effective healing, balancing properties. The stones talk to me - telling me what goes next.

You can read about the stones and make some pretty good guesses as to how they are going to work alone or in combination. But the reality for You as an individual may be different and it may even be different for you than for your friend. What? You read that correctly, not all stones react exactly the same for each person – which, of course, makes sense, we are all extremely unique and have different energy needs.

The one thing I encourage you to do is to get the gemstone combination that challenges you and stretches your comfort zones. You may think that jewelry that stretches your boundaries sounds strange - but gemstones can be very powerful and I specifically create pieces that are going to empower, uplift and yes, even stretch and help you move to the next level.

As a gemstone Empath, I have focused primarily on the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the stones. I do not talk much about the physical healing properties of the stones, not because I don’t believe in their power for physical healing, but simply because that is not where my gift lies. I have chosen to leave that area to those who have a greater connection to physical healing and to focus where my true gifts lie, helping you align with and awaken your most empowered self.

Empowered Stones
When I personally work with or touch a stone it is not only cleared of any negative energy, but it is returned to the original energy of creation. That original energy is what we have forgotten and these empowered stones and jewelry creations have an even greater ability to bring you back to your original design.

Each piece I create is designed to uniquely:
  • Support your energy
  • Align with your purpose within the whole of creation
  • Connect you to not only evolution/creation but your soul group and lineage, past, present and future
  • Help you achieve your goals
  • Find your inner goddess
  • Exude confidence
  • Shine your uniqueness
  • Find your passion
  • Step into your own power 
  • Clarify your intuition and vision
  • and so much more.
Let the magic of the alchemy become a partner and ally in your soul's evolution and your current earth mission.