Deep Healing & Balance with Green Tigers Eye

Gemstones Healing Heart Chakra

Green tiger's eye brings deep healing and balance to surround you as if you’re in a deep forest.

Green tiger's-eye is deeply healing on a physical level, going to the areas most in need of balance first and moving out from there. Tigers-eye also helps to bring balance and grounding to your entire system, allowing you to be energized and strong.


 Green tiger Bracelet

Find the Energy to keep going

Wear it or keep it near you whenever you are struggling to find the energy to keep going, or in a healing crisis. 

Let its strong, healing energy and love suffuse your being.

Note: I work with a spiritual teacher who sees the auras in great detail - she told me green tiger's eye is one of the most healing stones she's ever seen.

Green tiger eye also includes all the properties of regular brown tiger-eye, bringing the balance of the Sun and the Earth into your life. You'll find equilibrium in your life with balanced yin-yang energy. Tiger's eye helps to integrate and balance both hemispheres of your brain as it teaches the balance between polarities and the underlying unity behind opposites. 

Tiger eye also brings vitality, strength manifestation, patience, grounding and balances between extremes. An excellent stone for balance and strength on all levels.

Is it Dyed? Yes, but in some cases, this being one of them the dye actually enhances and uplifts the normal properties of the stones. As a gemstone empath I can feel very clearly when a dyed stone is enhanced or not. 

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Note: If you don't see something you want, please email me, I can make you something.



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