Give Yourself a Giant Hug with Rhodochrosite

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Rhodochrosite – Love and Compassion starting with Yourself

The most important love you can have is love and compassion for yourself. If we cannot accept and love ourselves then we can’t be truly open and loving with anyone else. We know both our vices and our virtues. Unfortunately, in our culture we’ve often been taught to focus on what’s wrong with us rather than what’s right. We can’t seem to look in a mirror without seeing every flaw, completely missing all that is beautiful. It’s this same critical eye and thought process that continually brings us down. When we can’t accept and love ourselves, we judge everything and everyone else around us.

Rhodocrosite Heal your heart and allow compassion and love

Rhodochrosite helps your heart heal and allow in some compassion and love for yourself. Rhodochrosite is an interesting stone – its colors range through various shades of pink and peach, mottled with tans, even bits of browns and blacks and the best of the stones have a beautiful translucent quality. Really when you think about it, it’s kind of like the human soul/personality. Parts of us shine and are translucent while other parts are slightly flawed with dark bits here and there (our vices and failings), but when you look at the whole it can be quite beautiful because of its variety.

Wear Rhodochrosite and learn to appreciate and accept all parts of yourself and blast away negative patterns and emotional clutter helping you to build healthier patterns as you resolve inner conflicts. This beautiful stone will also help bring to life gifts that you may have left behind due to wounds or trauma from your childhood. As you open to your courageous heart, your joy and playfulness return, bringing you back into balance with your inner child.

Gemstones I love with Rhodochrosite

I especially enjoy the mix of Rhodochrosite and Seraphinite as I believe they are working together to anchor in a new form of unconditional love.

Rhodochrosite and Rose Quartz is a combination I call – Love and Appreciation.  Wearing this takes you beyond love and into a realm of deep appreciation and resonance with all that is.  Love pure and simple, love yourself, love others, and in the process feel deep forgiveness, compassion, kindness and tolerance. Release grief, fear, resentment and anger as you reconnect with the perfection of yourself and all things.

Reclaim your own innate talents and abilities left behind because of past wounds as you gain insight into issues of heart and will. 

Wearing Rhodochrosite is like giving yourself a giant hug…and then expanding that love into the world.

Also spelled Rhodocrosite almost equally

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